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Body Contouring


Body Contouring refers to any medical or surgical procedure that changes the shape of part/s of the body via the removal of fat and/or skin. It involves resizing and reshaping certain areas so the persons overall appearance is more balanced and in proportion. It can also include toning areas and improving the appearance of skin. Liposuction is a great technique to contour those areas where fat deposits exist that just won’t budge through diet and exercise. It reduces the number of fat cells in the area being treated by permanently removing them. The result is a more proportioned body. Body Lifting, such as Arm Lift, Thigh Lift, Tummy tucks and Mini tummy Tucks are a surgical approach to removing excess fat and skin, and is used particularly when skin has lost elasticity due to ageing or a dramatic weight loss. Lift procedures can also be combined with Liposuction. The most common concerns we see for body contouring are for breasts, stomach, thighs and upper arms. Nowadays there are also non-invasive techniques to assist in body contouring such as Coolsculpting, assisting in getting rid of “bulges” of fat. Body contouring is able to provide excellent benefits to your physical health and emotional wellbeing. We have seen it provide a kick-start to so many people’s lives, creating a healthier and more confident life.

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